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The accomplished litigators at Bongiorno, Montiglio, Mitchell & Palmieri, PLLC, have broad experience in all aspects of civil litigation allowing the firm to be uniquely qualified to represent their clients in all matters, regardless of complexity.

The firm prides itself on always providing exceptional legal representation that delivers optimal value to our clients.

Construction & NY Labor Law Liability

The attorneys at Bongiorno, Montiglio, Mitchell & Palmieri, PLLC have represented numerous Owners, Landlords, Commercial Tenants, General Contractors, Construction Managers, Subcontractors, and Vendors in construction setting accidents.

We have defended against claims of violations of Labor Law 200, 240(1), 241(6) as well as claims of Industrial Code and OSHA violations.

We have been successful in having Labor Law claims dismissed on Summary Judgment and transferring risk to other entities involved based on contractual provisions and testimonies elicited during depositions of all parties.

Premises Liability

The attorneys at Bongiorno, Montiglio, Mitchell & Palmieri, PLLC have handled all manner of premises liability claims involving private residences, commercial property, public property and condominiums.  The claims include defective conditions, slip and falls, animal attacks and negligent security.

The attorneys have practical experience in all manners of the defense of claims against owners, lessors, lessees and developers of commercial and residential real property.

Our attorneys evaluate potential liability from the initial stages of discovery so that we can recommend the most cost-effective approach to be charted in each matter.  

If appropriate, the attorneys will make every effort to resolve the matter in the early stages with an eye toward vigorously litigating the matter, if necessary.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

The attorneys at Bongiorno, Montiglio, Mitchell & Palmieri, PLLC have vast experience in the defense of owners and operators of vehicles involved in motor vehicle accidents.  Our attorneys have handled all types of motor vehicle claims including bodily injury, property damage,  supplementary uninsured/underinsured motorists, PIP loss transfer and no-fault claims.

The attorneys have consistently been successful in dismissing claims against our clients on motions, trials and appeals based upon the New York “serious injury” threshold requirements.

Municipal Liability

The attorneys at Bongiorno, Montiglio, Mitchell & Palmieri, PLLC have represented the City of New York as well as a number of municipalities on Long Island outside the five boroughs of New York.

We have defended many municipalities throughout the State of New York over the past 20 years in cases involving personal injury in construction accidents, premises liability, defective roadway, sidewalk, traffic control devices, bus accidents, sanitation, police, firefighter, and ambulance accidents as well as property damages claims.

We have successfully pursued risk transfers to the subcontractors and vendors of the various municipalities that we have defended and obtained defense and indemnity for municipalities.

School District Liability

The attorneys at Bongiorno, Montiglio, Mitchell & Palmieri, PLLC have represented numerous school districts throughout Nassau and Suffolk in all types of claims including allegations of personal injuries to students, parents and the general public regarding dangerous and/or defective conditions,  as well as personal injuries to students that occur during extracurricular sporting events, physical education, playground accidents, school bus accidents, assault and discrimination. 

In most instances the defense of the school district begins at the pre-suit stage with investigation, document recovery and the representation of the school district at a General Municipal Law Hearing.

The firm has taken an approach to zealously defend the school districts throughout the pre-suit stage as well as the litigation and has consistently received dismissals on behalf of the school district at the motion stage         

When dismissal is not possible at the motion stage our attorneys have had abundant success in defending the case through trial and obtaining defense verdicts on behalf of the school district.

Products Liability

The attorneys at Bongiorno, Montiglio, Mitchell & Palmieri, PLLC have handled various types of product liability cases for manufactures and distributors, including sports equipment, recreational equipment, playground equipment, elevators, commercial machinery, power tools, cranes, trash compactors, emergency cut off devices, forklifts, and other heavy equipment.

Dealership Liability

The attorneys at Bongiorno, Montiglio, Mitchell & Palmieri, PLLC have represented many dealerships in the Metropolitan area and on Long Island in automobile accident cases and in cases involving violations of the General Business Law.

We have defended dealerships utilizing The Graves Amendment and successfully transferred risk to the operator of a dealership loaner car.

Trucking and Transportation

The attorneys at Bongiorno, Montiglio, Mitchell & Palmieri, PLLC handle trucking and transportation litigation, including cases involving catastrophic injuries. In certain instances, our clients retain us before litigation is even commenced, sometimes within hours after the accident. Once we are called upon, we immediately go to the accident scene, communicate with our clients, task our investigator with identifying all witnesses, and retain the necessary experts to ensure the most comprehensive defense strategy.  

Dram Shop / Liquor Liability and Negligent Security

The attorneys at Bongiorno, Montiglio, Mitchell & Palmieri, PLLC vigorously defend dram shop / liquor liability and negligent security claims brought against various establishments including bars, restaurants, hotels, theaters and public venues.

With this type of litigation, special emphasis is placed on ensuring that prompt investigation is conducted, surveillance materials are preserved and all witnesses are identified at the earliest opportunity.  

As with other areas of the law, the appropriate expert can have a profound impact in litigation. Specifically, in these types of cases, oftentimes  consulting with toxicologists and security experts are key to developing a robust defense strategy.

Appellate Law

Contrary to some other firms who consider an appeal after a case has been lost, as a last line of defense, we at Bongiorno, Montiglio, Mitchell & Palmieri, PLLC view appellate law as an integral part of the litigation from beginning to end. We do this by maintaining an intimate understanding of the legal issues currently before the appellate judges. Because we keep abreast of how the appellate courts are ruling on the various issues that impact our practice of law, we are better able to develop winning defense arguments, resulting in success for our clients.

We are proud of our attorneys’ appellate experience, which covers the spectrum from researching the appellate case law and writing the brief to arguing our case before the appellate court.

Legal Malpractice

The law firm of Bongiorno, Montiglio, Mitchell & Palmieri, PLLC understands that no attorney or law firm is immune to a malpractice claim and recognizes the sensitive and complex nature of a legal malpractice claim.   Our approach to these types of claims is to gain a thorough understanding of our client’s area of practice, assess the risks of litigation, and pursue a strategy to resolve the claim as quickly as possible, while maintaining our client’s reputation.

Our vast array of litigation experience combined with our understanding of the claims process puts us in a unique position to quickly and effectively resolve a malpractice claim.  Whether it be a potential claim, grievance complaint, or lawsuit, our goal is to quickly, but accurately, obtain the appropriate outcome for our client, whether it be dismissal, settlement, or litigation, with minimal disruption to our client’s practice.

Medical Malpractice, Healthcare, Nursing Home Liability

The Attorneys at Bongiorno, Montiglio, Mitchell & Palmieri, PLLC have a proven record of successfully providing legal counsel to health care professionals and nursing homes.   We understand that an allegation of malpractice places our client’s judgment, integrity and ability to practice on the line.  Whether the matter is simple or complex, BMMP approaches each claim with a fresh eye and carefully implements strategies designed to limit or avoid a negative outcome for our clients and obtain an early and favorable resolution.