About the law firm of

Bongiorno, Montiglio, MITCHELL & Palmieri, PLLC

The members of Bongiorno, Montiglio, Mitchell & Palmieri, PLLC, formed the firm with the purpose of providing quality legal services to their clients in a cost-efficient manner.  The attorneys of the firm take a no-nonsense approach to the effective handling of each file on an individual basis, which includes working closely with our clients to keep them apprised of all developments, promptly responding to client and company inquiries and maintaining trustworthiness and integrity throughout course of the litigation.

The vast experience of the members and associates of the firm allows each case to be evaluated individually to craft the best common-sense strategy to resolve each particular case.  With decades of experience, the attorneys of the firm have maintained impeccable reputations with attorneys and jurists alike for their zealous representation of their clients.

Our attorneys understand that the most cost-efficient resolution of a case may not involve proceeding to trial. Rather, an early and perceptive evaluation of a case may warrant prompt settlement when costly and prolonged litigation will not benefit the client.

However, for those cases in which trial is necessary, our adversaries are well aware of our impressive track record of defense verdicts. As a result, opposing counsel know that we are ready, willing and able to try any case.